Yes Rob! I Want Unlimited Coaching With You For One Full Year!

Less Than £84/Month

I Understand The Following:

  • This coaching offer is for live 1:1 coaching with Rob. We meet by video or phone using such apps as Zoom, WhatsApp, Telegram or other tools. We agree on homework to move me forward but sometimes there will be no homework.
  • I can schedule as many 15-minute (25-minute if I choose this option) laser coaching sessions as I wish over the next year, but I must complete my homework (if there’s any) before scheduling my next session.
  • I understand that it may take up to 24 hours for my next session to be scheduled (possibly longer over a weekend or holiday).
  • You’ll get full credit of your coaching fee towards any book package. Valid for 1-year
  • If during our first session (30 minutes), either of us feels this is not a fit, my money will be returned and the coaching terminated. I have zero risk! However, if we agree to work together, there is no refund.

Less Than £84/Month

“I hired Robert to help me write and publish my book, ‘Call Sign Chopper‘. I had already written a lot of content but it was only in the form of 100s of emails totalling nearly 200k words! From these emails, and in many conversations with Robert, he came up with the book layout, rewrote and edited content, wrote the copy for the covers, oversaw the cover design and a whole lot more. If you’re thinking of getting your memoir done, I highly recommend Robert.”

Chris Nott, Author, ‘Call Sign Chopper

“Robert helped me write and publish my book, ‘Charlie Four Kilo‘ . You’ll find it well-written, entertaining and a real page-turner. Robert helped me make it an amazing book that I’m proud to put my name on.’

Rich Jones, Author, ‘Charlie Four Kilo