Welcome to MrBookCoach.com!

Our mission is very simple… to help you get your book finished, printed and in people’s hands.

A book that you’re proud to put your name on!

Robert Culpepper

Have you been told over and over again by family and friends… ‘you should write a book!’ Well, the time has come and we’re here to help you finally get it done!

And if getting your book published and made available through worldwide distribution is important to you, we can help you do that also.

So, where are you on your book journey?

Have you started writing but have not gotten very far? Have you written a significant amount but it’s terrible? Have you just told stories to friends and they’re telling you, ‘you need to write a book’!

If you’ve written a significant amount of content, I’ll work with your material and together we can finish the book.

If the stories are all in your head, we’ll interview you (you’ll be provided with a worksheet to prompt you) and we’ll write the book from scratch but only your name will appear. This is what a ghostwriter does!

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how much or how little you’ve written, we can help you get your book done.

The best way to learn how we can help you is to have a conversation. Yes, a real old-fashion phone call (or a video call if you prefer). Email rob@mrbookcoach.com and let’s schedule a time to talk.