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Your book will be made available in physical stores through our print and distribution services, without the cost of printing thousands of copies or managing logistics. 

You’ll tap into 2.5 billion potential ebook readers. Our ebook distribution service publishes ebooks to stores like Google Play, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and more.

We’ll distribute your audiobook through all major distribution channels including Audible, Google Play, Rakuten Kobo, and many more.

We’ll publish and promote your book to over 400 stores and 240K digital libraries in 100+ countries!

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Despite its name, self-publishing is not a DIY job. It takes real expertise to optimize your book for e-readers and create an eye-catching cover — not to mention navigate all the details of writing descriptions that sell, creating a winning bio and getting your book to rank.


Publishing is only half of the picture — promotion is what sells your book in a highly competitive market. We offer coaching that gives you the knowledge and skills to expand your audience and boost sales.

We provide a worldwide distribution service to over 400 stores and 240K digital libraries in 100+ countries. We help authors publish print books, ebooks, and audiobooks worldwide

We’ll Publish and Promote Your Book for You.

  • Done For You Publishing of your eBook, audio and printed book(s)
  • Done For You Worldwide Distribution to over 400 stores and 240K digital libraries in 100+ countries.

£997 – Publishing as an add-on to any other service we offer

£2,797 – Publishing Only

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