Robert Culpepper, the writer, ghostwriter, and publisher behind MrBookCoach.com, has been in the publishing business for 25 years.

His journey into publishing began in 1995 and continues to this day; it was in 2005 when he published his first book, that he realised how difficult it was to both finish and then publish a ‘real’ book. He wrote two additional books before accepting clients to help them write and publish their own books.

He now ‘collaborates’ with aspiring authors to help get their books finished, printed and published.

Additionally, he offers writing and publishing services to technology companies. To learn more visit: RobertCulpepper.me

Liz Raguindin, Support Specialist

With her Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Banking and Financial Support Services from Adelphi University, Liz supports clients and internal operations at Mr Book Coach. Whether it’s handling client inquiries, social media, managing the various software packages or creating a book cover. Liz is a jack of all trades! Liz resides in Barcelona and speaks English, Spanish and Tagalog.

Julian Moseley, Senior Editor

After studying languages at Leeds University, Julian lived in France and the USA for many years. He now resides in Spain. Julian speaks Spanish, French, German, Italian and English. Apart from being a Senior Editor at MrBookCoach.com, he teaches English and French.

Julian enjoys a well-prepared, café con leche… ¡muy caliente! He also loves to cook, read, and study languages.

Rich Jones, Client Support – Social Media Marketing

Rich’s first book “Charlie Four Kilo” is based on true events in Rich’s life. Robert helped Rich write and publish his book which was released in November 2020.

Over a six-month period 50,000 copies of ‘Charlie Four Kilo’ were sold or downloaded. Rich quickly learnt that if you understand how certain platforms work, you can reach tens of thousands of people a week… or even a day.

Rich’s large network of followers, all built through social media, has allowed him to sell advertising, associated merchandise and even events.

He can help you do the same thing. 

Seb Culpepper, Social Media Marketing

Seb has six years of client-facing work experience and speaks Spanish, French and English. After graduating in June 2021 from the Business School at Exeter University, he spent six months travelling before taking on his current role. He’s excited to put his language skills, university education and employment experience to good use. His goal is to further expand the company’s reach through social media outlets. 

Seb welcomes you to MrBookCoach.com!