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Call Sign Chopper – “The Sequel”

A Journey Beyond Imagination

Foreword (by Robert Culpepper)

It’s with great honour that I invite you into the extraordinary world of Chris Nott. Our friendship has been a source of inspiration and camaraderie as we embarked on his second book and publishing journey.

For those of you who’ve had the pleasure of reading “Call Sign Chopper,” you’ve already been introduced to Chris’s life. A narrative that rivals the most thrilling espionage novels. The story begins with a 13-year-old boy, filled with dreams of becoming the iconic James Bond. The year was 1963, and it was “Doctor No” that ignited the spark of adventure within Chris.

But life has a way of unfolding in unexpected ways, and so it did for Chris. His early years were far from glamorous, leading him to clerical work at the Ministry of Defence, a world far removed from shaken martinis and sleek Aston Martins.

Yet, the beauty of Chris’s story lies in his resilience and unwavering spirit. He transitioned from clerical work to the brave world of policing, dedicating 26 years to serving and protecting his community in Bristol, England. When a car accident curtailed his police career, Chris didn’t let it deter him.

He embraced many new challenges.

It was during this time that his life took a unique turn. The BBC sought him out to star in their new documentary series, “Muscle,” and Chris unexpectedly found himself in the limelight.

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I’m honoured to introduce you to his much-anticipated second book, “Call Sign Chopper – The Sequel.” Brace yourself for the next chapter in Chris’s extraordinary odyssey, filled with action, intrigue, and a spirit that shows dreams can transcend circumstances.

I’ll end with a life-changing quote that rings in my ear every time I think of Chris and his adventures. It’s a quote from Chris we should all strive to live by… “Never Let Your Memories Become Greater Than Your Dreams”

Chris reading his poetry in Sept 2023 (approx 3 mins)

“I hired Robert to help me write and publish my book, ‘Call Sign Chopper’. I had already written a lot of content but it was only in the form of 100s of emails totalling nearly 200k words! From these emails, and in many conversations with Robert, he came up with the book layout, rewrote and edited content, wrote the copy for the covers, oversaw the cover design and a whole lot more. If you’re thinking of getting your memoir done, I highly recommend Robert.”

Chris Nott, Author, “Call Sign Chopper”

“Robert helped me write and publish my book, ‘Charlie Four Kilo‘ . You’ll find it well written, entertaining and a real page turner. Robert helped me make it an amazing book that I’m proud to put my name on.”

Rich Jones, Author, ‘Charlie Four Kilo

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“Overseas Operations is LIVE”

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“I am only 10 pages in and can already see what a great job has been done Robert.”

“You (Julian) have done a brilliant job (editing) my brother’s memoirs… Well done” 

John Winton (brother of Winnie)

NOTE: It is with great sadness to announce that during the final revision of ‘Nine Lives and Counting’, Brian ‘Winnie’ Winton passed away. He had been struggling with throat cancer for some time but finally succumbed to the dreadful and horrific disease. Only a fragment of his adventurous life was captured but now his family and friends have a beautiful book to remember him by.

Print books are a magnificent way for friends and families to deal with grief and to remember the loved ones who have passed.

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