Author Website

Authors must have their own mobile-friendly, professional-looking website. This is absolutely essential if you have any plans to sell your book. I’ve developed 100s of websites in the last 20 years, and although a lot has changed some things remain fundamental.

There are a lot of pieces to put together when it comes to creating an author website. Some are critical, so are optional.

Obviously included is your author bio and book information. I also add a mailing list signup form, an audio reading of your site, and contact info, and if you want I can add your social media accounts and a blog if you want to blog or add videos, etc.

Once your book is complete I can link to Amazon and any other link to online retailers. 

And very importantly you’ll need to decide on a domain name. I highly recommend you purchase ‘’, even if we don’t use it for this site. You can purchase a domain name from or my preferred place to buy them now is

Here are a few of the author websites I built recently:

Call Sign Chopper:

Charlie Four Kilo:


ONLY $997