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*Friday Flash Sale* Only for 24 Hours. 1 spot available left

Take the summer off!

Co-author and Publish a Book with Me!

UPDATE: Friday, 7 Saturday, 8 July 2023

I’ve been mulling over an idea for several months now and today is the day I pull back the curtain! 

Head’s up: This is a special invitation for a specific kind of person who wants to cut to the chase in writing and publishing a book — it’s not for everybody. (But if it is for you, it could be the perfect solution to what you’ve been looking for.) 

Also, this page will be “live” for 24 hours only — then it disappears! 

Now that I have your attention… 

Here’s the scoop: As you know, I help people write and publish a book. My goal is to help them do it as fast as possible and as easily as possible. 

But one thing that has frustrated me is that sometimes it never seems fast enough — or easy enough! 

It’s not my aspiring authors’ fault — it’s just the nature of the process most people go through when they want to write a book. There are issues and questions surrounding the topic, title, structure, chapter outline and more. And these are just the ones “on paper.” Many times authors question their own abilities along the way and feelings of Imposter Syndrome, overwhelm and good ol’ procrastination sneak in. 

And this is just on the way to getting a manuscript written! After that, there remain solutions to be found regarding publishing options, cover design, formatting, Kindle and softcover file creation and more.

Listen, I get it — you do whatever it is you do, whether it’s coaching, speaking, or creating online classes or other services. And I applaud you for that. No one expects you to become a writing and publishing expert overnight just because you decided to write a book. Frankly, that’d be such a misappropriation of your time. You’re not meant to become a publishing expert — you’re meant to do whatever it is you do. 

In other words, you have your role as an author–and I have my role as your book-writing and publishing coach. 

So here’s my idea… let’s ‘write’ and publish a book together! I’ll actually write the complete book and publish it and you and I will be listed as the ‘authors’!

Yes, I’ll be the ghostwriter, but even better — one who not only writes but also creates the content based on what people are reading and why. In other words, a book that serves as an invitation for just the right readers. More on that below. 

Now, before I get into the details, I want to be transparent and let you know I’m particularly motivated because I want to keep my publishing team occupied during the summer season — a time when things generally slow down. So I’m looking to make this done-for-you offer as irresistible as possible for the right person. 

Also, I want to get this clear up front: if you’re a self-proclaimed perfectionist or micromanager, this probably isn’t for you. I’m looking for someone who trusts me and my team to let us do the work: writing, editing, designing and publishing books — so you can relax and enjoy your summer.

So, if you’re tired of trying to research and figure out everything for yourself and you are looking to be a published author…in a way readers will welcome and without a ton of work… plus you’re willing to have “a” book done…and you’re okay with turning over the writing and publishing to a professional while you have a nice dip in the pool, beach or enjoy your vacation…then this could be for you. 

If you are still here, keep reading. 

Because there’s another twist. 

This offer is not only for the right person — it’s for one person only. 

You read that right — only one single person can sign up for this. 

That’s it. 

One and done. 

Why? Because this is a personalized publishing project. To be fair to the author, I will keep it one of a kind and do it for one person only. 

Okay, here’s what I propose so you can take the summer off and start this September as an author of a book people want to read…one that you can post about on social media and sell from Amazon and one you can be proud to call your own.

You relax and my team and I will go to work. 

If you’ve gotten this far I’m sure you have a few questions, which I answer below. But before I do that, let’s talk investment. (Yes, this is an investment–one in becoming a published author of a professionally written and professionally designed softcover and Kindle ebook.) 

That aside, as I said, I’m highly motivated to keep myself and the publishing team busy this month. 

So, for the right person, I’ve made the investment in this program as easy as possible. I am taking on just one solo client for this summer shindig. The investment for this “Co-authored, Done for You Book Writing and Publishing” program is just $5,995 made in five payments of just $999.

If you want your own book, with just your name, but still on a chosen subject we’ve researched in a hot niche and that will position YOU as the expert, we can offer that for only $7,995

But, again, I am limiting it to one person only. 

To be clear, here is specifically what you get for your investment: 

A published book co-authored with me (softcover and Kindle editions)!

Uploaded to Amazon, including keywords, and sales description. 

“A writer is the person who writes the book, an author is the person whose name is on the cover.” 

I won’t tell anyone that my team and I did the heavy lifting– There is 100% confidentiality with this project. And as far as being satisfied — I’ll be keeping you in the loop during the whole project. I want to make sure you’re 100% happy with the results.  So your satisfaction is indeed 100% guaranteed!

Now, I have a few caveats (please read carefully and be okay before proceeding)…  

You must agree to… 

* Let my team and I do our work. We are pros at this. Trust us! 

* Be willing to go with our professional opinions. Again, we are pros. 

* Let us take the lead. Are you getting the picture that we’re going to be doing this for you so you can take it easy? That said, know that we aim to please and work with you and your publishing goals, too! So you can take the summer off!    

If you want to take advantage of this 100% Done for You Publishing offer, here’s what to do next (I suspect this one-person-only opportunity will go fast, so don’t dilly dally): 

1. Reply to my email. If you have a few quick questions before moving forward, include them in the email. 

2. I will be monitoring my email throughout the day and will respond to emails in order. 

3. In addition to answering any questions you have, I will send you a link for the first payment of $999. You will have one hour to pay for it. If you don’t respond, I will go to the next person who expresses interest in having me write and publish their book for them. 

4. Once the ‘author’ is onboard and made the deposit. I’ll close this offer.


How long will the book be? 

Word count may vary, but probably between 18 to 23,000 words. The final page count is guaranteed to be at least 120 pages. 

What’s the timeline? 

We’ll get started immediately and if things go according to plan, your book will be up on Amazon and a copy in your hands by 30 September 2023. 

If you have other questions, include them in the email following the instructions above. (Serious inquiries only.) 

This “Friday Flash Sale” is available for 24 hours only and will be removed once the offer is accepted. (One available left!)