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Did you know that is one of the most visited websites in the world?

Some interesting facts:

It has approximately 2 billion (yes, that’s a ‘B’) unique device visits per month and more than 15 million edits per month (about 5.7 edits per second on average) as of January 2023 with 6,687,488 articles (growing every day!), which makes it one of the best places on the internet to tell your story.

Wikipedia is the largest and most-read reference work in history and in 334 languages.

As of January 2023, 55,791 English Wikipedia articles have been cited 92,300 times in scholarly journals.

Wikipedia has nearly 110,000,000 registered users… get that registered users! That number does not include visitors to the website who do not register!

The list goes on and on!


Would you like your own Wikipedia profile?

To be honest, it’s not as easy as just listing your name and story, you have to be a Wiki Worthy story, so not everyone qualifies. As Wikipedia is so large and receives so many visitors, profiles are reviewed, sources checked and stories verified. As Wikipedia profile writers, we have the best chance to get your profile listed and approved. We are experts at editing profiles (for the first six months or so, we are continually updating profiles to meet Wikipedia’s requirements!).

The good news is that once you are listed on Wikipedia, you’ve made it BIG time! (LOL).

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You can read more about Wikipedia… where else, on Wikipedia!

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